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What is TANCS?
► Using our Proprietary Water Treatment process, Nano Crystals are formed within the tap water.
► When this water is transformed into super-heated steam, the crystals are energized and compromise the function of the microbial cell wall.
Efficacy of the Process
► Nelson Labs of Utah certified that a 7-second exposure to TANCS steam vapor produces a 5- 7 log reduction in microbes and was consistently achieved on all microorganisms tested.
► This efficacy is thousands of times better than any directly applied water disinfection process using chemicals
How does TANCS work?
► TANCS destroys microorganisms by disruption of the cell membrane.
► Due to the activity of the nano crystals on the cell membrane, microorganisms are readily exposed to lethal thermal limits.
What will TANCS do for you?
► TANCS provides a universal process for disinfection, which is safer to use, faster-acting, and more effective than topically applied chemical
Timeline for Results
► Results are dramatic and immediate. With regular use, however, the results continue to improve over time, resulting in a disinfection baseline that approaches sterilization.
► Due to the high efficacy of the TANCS process, results will last longer between cleanings.
► Reduces time requirements for equivalent cleaning.
TANCS Benefits
► Reduced Health Risks for Operator
► Elimination of Residual Odor
► Simplifi ed Cleaning Protocols
► Elimination of steam scaling
► Extended Boiler Warranty
TANCS Advantage
► Lab Certified Disinfection
► Savings in Time
► Savings in Treatment Costs
► Manageable Cleaning Protocols
► Elimination and Control of Biofilms
TANCS “Green Factor”
► Uses Ordinary Tap Water ~ NO Chemicals
► More Energy Efficient
► Improves IAQ
► Removes Existing Chemical Residue
► Reduces Water Consumption



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