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Allergies, MCS & CIS


Allergy Sufferers | Chemically Sensitive | Compromised Immune Systems

Allergy sufferers can benefit greatly by using a dry steam vapor system to clean their home.  Chemical fumes, dust mites, animal dander all cause sneezing, watery eyes and other allergy symptoms.  Removing these triggers from your environment has been difficult to almost impossible until now.  By using steam vapor for your regular household cleaning tasks you can kill dust mites and remove those allergens quickly and easily.  Residue from previous cleaning compounds is also removed.

Carpets, bedding, furniture and clothes can all be treated with dry steam vapor with excellent results.  You'll breath easier, rest better and feel better.

Use your vapor system to clean any surface in your home that harbors irritants.  Odors will also be removed, and your house will be left smelling clean and fresh.  No more cleaning agent smells or perfumey cover-ups.  Just fresh air.

Because no chemicals are used in the cleaning process, the indoor air quality is improved.  You can feel better, breath easier and create a healthier home environment for yourself and your family.

For the chemically sensitive, the results of using dry steam vapor for regular household cleaning are just as great.  All the chemical residues, toxins, fumes and odors are completely removed so you can enjoy your home environment.  Cleaning your home is no longer a problem or a challenge because you can perform your regular tasks without having to come into contact with noxious, irritating or outright poisonous chemical agents.  Imagine the comfort you will experience when you have eliminated these hazards from your indoor environment!

Individuals with compromised immune systems will also benefit from using dry steam vapor.  Not only can you avoid common irritants such as chemicals, dust mites and the like, but you will also have a sanitary indoor environment.  Dry steam vapor kills bacteria and viruses, which is an obvious benefit to your continued health.  You can reduce your exposure to germs of all kinds and maintain a sparkling clean home at the same time.  Protect yourself and stay healthy!

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